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♆ Angelic Demon ♆
I'm Mirajane Strauss. I'm a S-class mage. Elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman. Former called " The Demon ".
don't hesitate to ask any question that comes to your mind.

M!A: None
Relationship Stat: Single

[[ This is an Ask Blog but please don't hesitate to rp with her ]]
Put ◎ in my ask. My muse will answer any question you ask them. Even if its secret.

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Send me some Asks ^^

" I’m willing to answer them so don’t be shy to ask okay?" she gently smiled at everyone.

What does my Muse mean to yours?

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If I was dating you.. (FINISH IT IN MY ASK)

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Let’s play “Have you ever?”. You ask me and I have to answer you, yes or no.

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Three questions for Mirajane: 1. What are your favorite kinds of movies to watch? 2. What's your favorite kind of music to listen to? 3. What's your favorite pizza topping?

 Three questions for Mirajane:

  1.  What are your favorite kinds of movies to watch?

" i liked to watch some family related story ^^ and mix it with some romance~ that would be nice "

2. What’s your favorite kind of music to listen to?

" peaceful and sweet music will do the trick "

 3. What’s your favorite pizza topping?

" my favorite pizza topping would be cheese especially when it is melted " 


outofservings: i’ll be continuing this (asks, and rp) next time :) see ya~ 

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{"A-Ah," She nodded a little. "M-Mirajane then," She nodded and picked up the tea slowly, sipping it. "Ah, is that so?" She hummed in thought. "T-To be honest I’m not sure how the whole guild system works since I’m not in one at all." 

" so you wanted to learn more about guilds like ours?" She asked. " then i would be pleased if i could explain it to you " she smiled. Before she explain the system she quickly sip her tea, after that. " well, first of all, someone must file a request, for example, lost something and you want it back , you can go to some guild and file your request, so someone can do the job for you" she explained the first step.

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"Well as long as laxus doesn't hurt you I don't mind since you can take him" Natsu grin.

" i do? " i would like to try it someday.

"Have you ever thought about kissing laxus?" Natsu chuckled

" oh natsu you silly boy" she replied to his chuckle. " i did, i mean that wouldn’t be bad right? as friends.." or more than friends.